Sri Lanang Security Static Guards


Security static guards are seen to privately fulfil a policing function. This may be to protect property, assets or people. Security Training becomes crucial to ensure absolute professionalism and efficiency is maintained by the guard on the job. At Sri Lanang, all our security guards are fully screened and vetted by taking the following steps. 


  • Enable your people, whether customers, employees or the public,
    to feel secure no matter what the location
  • Our guards can inspect your premises and recommend ways to minimise your risks of theft, accidents or any other criminal activities.
  • Handle potential trespassing and vandalism by patrolling the premises
  • Act as a visual deterrent of crime
  • Fulfilling business‐mandated security policies such as monitoring of
    CCTV cameras, gates, entrances and checking alarm systems.
  • Help assist with the overall management of the area
  • Useful for controlling access points for visitors or contractors that may legitimately require entry into a property.


  • BusinessSecurity
  • Industrial Security
  • OfficeSecurity
  • FactorySecurity
  • Warehouse Security
  • BusinessParks
  • GatehouseSecurity
  • RetailShops
  • ShoppingCenters
  • LeisureParks
  • MobileSecurity

Security Guards Malaysia

The Nepalese security service Malaysia is also trustworthy. Nepalese Security Guards Malaysia adheres to relevant security requirements and standards to ensure that all security needs of customers are always protected.

Nepalese Security Guards Malaysia

Sri Lanang Protective Sdn Bhd is one of the leading professional security guards services in Malaysia. However, Sri Lanang Protective Sdn Bhd can tailor Malaysia’s security services to specific situations. Security Guards Malaysia can be guaranteed due to its relationship with SLP.

  • Security Guards Malaysia
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  • Nepalese Security Guards Malaysia
  • The Nepal Malaysia security service can be trusted.

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