Sri Lanang Patrolling Guard


  • Sri Lanang provides cost efffective alternative where a continuous manned guarding presence is not required. These well equipped response unit make random mobile security patrols of client’s premise, through the night and at weekends – to ensure closure of all externaml doors, gates and windows.
  • Surrounding areas are also patrolled and observed for unusual presences or suspicious activities.

Patrol Guard System

What is a patrol guard system? An AI team replaces the guards on certain patrol routes to monitor the assets and environment of companies and organizations and ensure the safety of the surrounding area. It is not necessary for the patrol guard system to be manned all the time to offer an economical alternative. The Sri Lanang patrol guard system can also patrol and observe abnormal existence or suspicious activity.

  • Patrol Guard System
  • Sri Lanang’s patrol guard system includes the use of handheld devices, surveillance equipment, etc.

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